Lake of Wellness

to help you achieve well-being

What is Wellness?

Would you like to achieve a better sense of well-being?

Wellness is an active process of becoming more aware of healthier life choices for well-being.  These choices tend to include emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, physical and environmental, moving us towards a state of feeling more happy, healthy and comfortable with ourselves. 

Lake says

‘There is so much stress and anxiety these days, this not only leads to dissatisfaction with life, but also body tension and dis-ease. 

I want to help people achieve an underlying state of fundamental wellness and I am offering therapies which I experience as extraordinarily helpful for this purpose.  Therapies which I believe help people to get out of their heads, and more into their bodies for a calmer happier life.’

Lake is a retiring osteopath who, after 15 years owning osteopathy clinics has decided to expand into supporting general wellness. 

“In my experience Lake provides a totally committed and professional service. Exemplary care is given to every need.” Vronnie

Please see the menu above:  Craniosacral Therapy for gentle, relaxing but effective treatment, or for more physical treatment for joint and muscle aches and pains, choose Musculoskeletal Therapy.  For help clearing limiting beliefs, and/or addictive habits see Root Cause Therapy.  To learn more about being present and calmer in life, please see the Natural Mindfulness page.