Lake of Wellness

to help you achieve well-being

What is Wellness?

Would you like to achieve a greater sense of well-being?

Wellness is an active process of becoming more aware of healthier life choices for well-being.  These choices tend to include emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, physical and environmental, moving us towards a state of feeling happier, healthier and more comfortable with ourselves. 

Stress and anxiety can lead to dissatisfaction with life, and to body tension which may lead to aches and pains, and other areas of ill-health.

I’m an experienced holistic practitioner and after 15 years running osteopathy clinics, I feel extremely passionate about focusing my approach into supporting wellness, and helping people to have a calmer happier life. 

“In my experience Lake provides a totally committed and professional service. Exemplary care is given to every need.” Vronnie