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COVID19 information

News:  Lake has now had both vaccinations and a booster, so is unlikely to be an asymptomatic carrier.


Protocol & Screen

The practitioners at the Verve are trying to limit a risk of exposure to Coronavirus, for you, ourselves, & other patients however there is a small risk of catching the virus by attending the clinic and/or receiving treatment.

Patient: PLEASE observe the following in the interest of safety to all :

  • Please have a shower and put on freshly laundered clothes for the appointment.
  • Come straight from home if you can, rather than via shopping or work.
  • Arrive at the time of your appointment – not early.
  • Ensure you’re wearing a disposable mask (not a face covering) before entering the building.
  • Observe 2m social distancing from other practitioners/patients.
  • Bring spare clean socks to put on after appointment  (as the clinic has carpet).
  • Bring 2 freshly laundered towels – one to lie on, and one for your dignity /warmth.
  • Please bring the correct fee – cash or cheque.

Thank you for your consideration for Lake (your practitioner) and other clinic visitors/practitioners.

Lake’s PPE :

  • New Apron or clean tunic for each patient
  • New pair of gloves for each patient
  • Wearing KN95 Mask cleaned per session, filters changed daily

Environment:   Between each patient Lake will :

  • Leave a 15 min gap for cleaning & room aeration
  • Clean all surfaces in the room, obviously including couch, desk, chairs
  • Wipe any coverings on clinic pillows
  • Replace couch paper
  • Wipe all pens
  • Wipe clinic room door handles

Regularly, every day, the following are also cleaned:

  • Benches/chairs on landing
  • Outside door handles & stair banisters
  • The WC


Please note, that should I knowingly come into contact with anyone with COVID19, I may have to provide your contact details & possibly that you had seen me as a healthcare practitioner to the NHS “Track & Trace” service, as the interests of public health override GDPR & the Data Protection Act.  However, please be assured it is only contact details, not personal information.

Please let me know if a  you or a member of your household  is considered extremely clinically vulnerable to COVID19? This will not exclude you from treatment, but we discuss the risks, and the best time to see you.

COVID19 Screen –
In the last 7 days – have you started to get a new persistent cough?
In the last 7 days – have you started to get a temperature or fever?
In the last 7 days – have you started to notice you can’t smell or taste things properly?
In the last 14 days – have you been abroad?
In the last 14 days – have you been in any situations, where you have been in close contact (less than 2m) without a mask with several people, e.g. beach, pub, club, protests, work?
In the last 14 days – has a member of your household had symptoms of COVID-19?
In the last 14 days – Have you been in contact with someone with suspected/confirmed COVID-19?

I consent to receive therapeutic care

  • This document was read & explained to me, before attending
  • I understand that there is a risk of transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a result of attending the clinic, for a face-to-face appointment.
  • I have had the chance to ask all the questions I wish to at this time.


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Patient (parent/guardian) Signature ______________________________     Date ________________