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Craniosacral Therapy

Would you like some gentle hands-on therapy, to help your body feel better aligned and more comfortable?  Would you like to feel more in touch with what happens in your body?

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on way of working with the body, which originated as Cranial Osteopathy. The therapy supports the body’s inbuilt abilities to reduce stress (emotional and physical) and to self-heal. It is a globally recognised practice, with such a light touch that it is suitable for all ages – including the elderly, newborn babies and pregnant women, and the elderly.  Anyone may have a session during pregnancy, and parents may bring their babies for problems after difficult or perhaps traumatic births.  Sessions help release fear and tension from the tissues and help the baby settle and the parent to relax.

Contrary to the title ‘craniosacral therapy’ sessions don’t only include work on the sacrum and head, sessions are likely to include other hand positions e.g. back, neck, abdomen, and on limbs.

Effects may be felt body-wide, as well as mentally, emotionally, and potentially spiritually as everything comes more into balance and harmony, helping return us to wellness. Craniosacral therapy can help the body to use it’s own healing and restorative mechanisms, to reduce tensions in a supported and comfortable way, hopefully also reducing stress and increasing your energy.

Just like when we see a counsellor, we would hope to feel really ‘heard’, and this therapy is similar in that the practitioner really ‘listens’ to your body, with their light touch and encourages your body to listen to itself and to change itself from an underlying state of dis-ease to wellness.

During or after a session you may feel calm and energised, with increased clarity of mind and a feeling of well-being.

Please wear comfortable clothing for a CST appointment – you will remain fully clothed.  You will be asked to bring a clean bath towel to lie on and you may wish to bring another bath towel to cover you for additional warmth.

This is a gentle non-diagnostic treatment.

Please see the Contact page above, for booking information, location and costs.


“I went to Lake for CranioSacral therapy because I endure frequent migraines (weekly, sometimes more). Lake explained everything perfectly beforehand regarding the treatment and took a thorough history before any treatments began.   During the sessions, I felt an amazing sensation of calm and relaxation, and this continued after each treatment with other positive observations sometimes lasting a further hour.    Lake was professional, friendly and informative about the feedback they received as well as what was going to happen during the treatment.  The overall result was self-apparent after only two treatments as I had not had any occurrence of migraine. Usually I would have had at least two in this time-frame.  All in all, I had 5 treatments over 2 months,  the treatments more than halved the amount of migraine incidents I would have normally experienced, and those I did have were much milder.  Incidentally, I also experienced no IBS during this period and improved moods.

I would definitely recommend giving this a go!! ”      Andy, Gobowen